Innovation, Development, Use Case

DTC is a deflationary, fully audited and Innovations-driven BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It was launched on April 10th 2021. Two functions occur during each trade: Reflection and Burn.

What Makes Our Token So Special?

We use the DTC token to push our developments in the area of POS Payment Systems. Token holders are rewarded for buying our token and keeping it in their wallets.


This is done in several steps:
– Reflection
– Automatic Burn
– Manual Burn


A percent of the transaction is sent to the developer wallet. This developer wallet is used to finance the development of the products. The tokens that are not required and that are not required for financing are sent to a dead wallet and are burned there.


As a result, the circulating supply is constantly reduced. This increases the value of each token enormously.


The revenue we generate with selling our payment devices goes into the DTC token!


What Happens On Every Transaction?

A fee of 8% is charged for every transaction. (Buy, Sell, Transaction)


3% to all holders
2% Liquidity Pool DTC-BNB
2% burn
1% development wallet

Token Buy Backs Will Reduce The Supply Over Time

The profits made with the sale of the POS payment systems are used to make a regular token buy-back. This will further increase the price of the DTC token. All tokens bought back will be burned!


Our Roadmap

Comming soon


Comming soon


Comming soon


Comming soon


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Total Supply
100,000,000 DTC Token 100%
Develoer Wallet
1000000 Token
Open Market



3% of each transaction is automatically removed from the ecosystem

Future Proof

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB will become more and more established and used in the future.

Project With Real Use Case

This token is used for a very long time by a real product.

Where can you buy the Token?

You can buy the DTC Token on Pancakeswap! Please connect your wallet with Pancakeswap and then click on “Trade” and “Exchange”. Now you can search the DTC Token by adding the Contract code into the search field. Then click on add and now you are able to convert your BNB into DTC!


Contract: 0x812ff2420ec87eb40da80a596f14756acf98dacc

Provide Liquidity

Providing liquidity is another exelent way to earn passive income. Simply go to Pancakeswap, connect your wallet, click on “Trade” and “Liquidity”. Now you can add liquidity in form off BNB and DTC Token.

Store The Token With Metamask

With the browser extension Metamask you can easily store and manage the tokens. Here you can find out how to install and use Metamask. Please switch to Binance Smart Chain.

Acquire BNB For Gas Fees

You need BNB (Binance Token) to buy the DTC token on Pancakeswap. The BNB token is required as a gas fee. Here you can find out how to buy BNB and send it to Metamask.

How To Add A Custom Token

To find the DTC token on Pancakeswap you have to enter the token contract address. Then click on “add” and everything is ready to buy the token. Traiding pair is: DTC-BNB