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They don’t, but you can install WordPress with and get a good website theme at

Bluehost offers its hosting web service, including webspace, domain name registration, and email services. They also provide Domain Name Registration, Email Services, and Website Templates.

The company takes pride in the information they provide their customers who sign up with them. Bluehost boasts everything from the newest features in WordPress to help tutorials on their website.

After signing up with them, you will have access to a live chat feature for any questions or concerns you might have about your website or hosting service. A blog also provides education regarding domain names, e-mails, website templates, online marketing, and more helpful information related to everything internet-related.

Bluehost also has a forum where customers can discuss any problems regarding the service and ask for help if needed. Bluehost offers its customers the ability to create their free website by using Bluehost’s website templates. You will also have access to a blog, forums, and support department, which will provide you with the knowledge to create your website or blog.

What are website templates?

Website templates are all of the things you will find on your website. Examples: pages and categories, images, text, and much more. All the basic things that go into a website.

BlueHost comes to us as one of the most trusted hosting companies. With all of their reliability, they have great website templates too! Their website templates are nothing short of amazing! You can create your domain name with them, and they host the site without using their server or your server if you prefer.

As well as having reliable hosting, BlueHost also offers the most up-to-date website templates. Some of their site templates even come pre-installed with some awesome plugins! With their incredible features and friendly customer service, you will never want to go anywhere else!

How to Activate a BlueHost Website Template?

Go to your website and click the ‘Appearance’ link on the left navigation bar.

It will open up a new screen where you can easily activate different templates.

Selecting a New WordPress Template

You can choose from any of their available templates, although it is recommended that you use one from the premium collection. Those are much better than the basic ones, and they have design features that make them look better than any of the others.

Once we select one, we are taken to another page to see all the elements included in that template. Multiple options vary depending on which template we choose; gallery, articles, widgets, etc. If you are not familiar with these, you can read some of the descriptions and instructions on that page.

After choosing and activating one, we must wait while the system automatically makes all the necessary changes. Then we have a new website which is both reliable and beautiful!

premium website templates

How to use a Bluehost website template?

Bluehost does not just feature website templates but also a fantastic selection of different plugins for your website!

WordPress Plugins are tiny programs that are embedded to improve and optimize the functionality of your site. Plugins can be a simple design element or offer something more advanced. For example, the Instagram plugin allows you to display the latest photos from Instagram for everyone to see on your site. As you can see, there is a vast array of different plugins available which will allow you to do things you probably thought were impossible before!

Plugins are great because they are straightforward to manage and change. Another advantage is that they are regularly updated, so they will never be outdated. The easy way to add a new plugin is to go to your website’s dashboard, and then, in the right upper corner, you should press the ‘Add New’ button.

The search bar will appear where you can type in the name of your desired plugin. After that, we have to press ‘Install.’ This process may take up to 10 minutes or less, depending on which plugin we choose and how big it is.

You can get premium plugins from the marketplace; however, this costs a little money. You can get free plugins from, but they are not guaranteed to work, so choose wisely and ensure that your blogging platform is supported. However, if you prefer to have a premium look and feel, simplicity, and no issues with website performance, go for the premium ones.

What are BlueHost’s benefits over other hosting companies?

BlueHost currently offers three types of shared hosting packages: BlueHost Basic, BlueHost Plus, and BlueHost Business. The Basic package is included and does not contain any restricted software or services. There may be some minimal performance restrictions; for example, this can affect the speed of transferring files between your PC/Laptop/MAC and the server.

The Plus package comes with free SiteLock Basic, which offers malware, spam, and phishing protection. Also included are SSL certificates. This service encrypts all your communications with your customers so that nobody can intercept them. An SSL certificate is also an excellent way to secure your login and registration pages from being tampered with and ensure your customers’ sensitive data. There are also some minor benefits such as the website builder (WordPress), one-click WordPress install, etc. These are not important for everyone but could be an excellent addition for any bloggers who use WordPress on their website or blog. There is also a money-back guarantee which may or may not be available depending on the time of purchase.

The Business package is an offer only to those who have signed up for a Business Plus account and comes with extra features and add-ons. It also has an additional $250 credit which can be used towards domain registrations and SSL certificates. It also comes with site backup, one-click restore, spam filtering, CDN (Content Delivery Network), and more! Best of all, it does not cost anything extra!

Does offer them?

BlueHost offers a plethora of premium website templates that you can choose from. BlueHost also has its own ‘WordPress Premium package, which comes with some excellent features and plugins.

The great thing about BlueHost is that it comes with something called ‘Instant Website Builder,’ where you can make your own (free) website in less than 2 minutes! It does require you have an account with them, just so it counts as a unique domain, but since this is free, you are not out of pocket at all, and the service is excellent. Go to the “Instant Website Builder” link, fill in all the necessary details about your company/website/blog, etc., and then click next until you are finished.

Where to get Bluehost website templates?

First, you should head over to the Bluehost website and create an account. Then click on the ‘Your Website’ button, which will take you to a page where you can choose from a wide variety of templates. The company says that these are the best templates from their collection, and they are inspirational. For example, if you want to create a photo blog there is a photo blog template with a very modern, elegant design that looks fabulous.


Bluehost website templates are one of the best choices you can make to have your website up and running within a day and in style! The templates are easy to create, easy to customize, and very affordable.

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