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Why content is so important for your website?

In today’s digital world, content determines everyday life. Your own content on your own website is all the more important. Because nowhere is it easier to present your own company in a way that the target group should like it than with a targeted content marketing strategy.

But what exactly is content? Content is text, images, videos, music, gifs, animations, and much more. Content is basically almost everything that is published. And this has to be incredibly fast and convincing everywhere because users on the web don’t have time and the content competition is huge.

Content is used to incorporate keywords and to rank in the search engines, build customer loyalty, and achieve conversion goals. Your own content belongs to “Owned Media”: “Good content belongs to you!”. Here the company determines 100% which content appears for whom and when. The more owned media a company has, the more the brand empire expands on the web.

Good content that informs your visitors in detail about certain topics increases the authority of your website. It is therefore very important that you regularly publish informative and unique content.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN – The text search engines

Google and the other popular search engines are and will remain text-based search engines. That means Google, Bing, etc mostly reads the text on your site. Although a lot of work has been done on image recognition in recent months, Google remains a text-based search engine. Google’s goal: to offer every user the very best result for their search query. So if you have the better content in the form of web text, you also have the edge on Google.

4 key factors for good content

The key factors for good content are

  • Goals
  • Target group
  • Topic
  • Channels


Content needs a goal. This goal depends entirely on the company itself and not every piece of content pursues the same goal. The quote from Joe Pulizzi, a professional in content marketing, is all the more appropriate here: “If your content marketing is for everybody, it’s for nobody.”

It is important to be aware of these goals. Namely, everyone who has to do with the texting and implementation of the content. Because only if the goals are known can the content also pursue these goals in a targeted manner.

Target group

Just like the goals, content must also be aimed at a very specific target group. Because the entire writing style is adapted to this target group. And it is ultimately through the target group which the specific goal is to be achieved.


The least important thing about finding a topic is your own personal wishes. The specific target group is again at the center of finding a topic. When writing web content, the only important thing is: What is the customer interested in? What questions does he have? What needs? And how can we provide him with the relevant answers to his questions?

Google’s goal is to offer every user the very best result for their search query. Accordingly, websites with little relevant content are rated worse by Google and classified as irrelevant.


The question of the channels, like the topic selection, is derived from the target group. Depending on the target group, other channels are possible. “Older” generations are increasingly using Facebook, while “younger” generations are using Instagram.

Your own website should always be your top priority. After all, you want to get your potential customers to YOUR website… so let’s concentrate on the content marketing of your website for now!

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