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Press releases are a very good way to promote new products or services!

You can of course put an article about your new product or service on your own website, but the problem is that your website doesn’t have that much authority to quickly rank organically in Google or Bing search results.

Your article will never rank in the organic search results!

What is if you write a new blog post and publish it on your website, but nobody sees this article because it only appears on the third, fourth, or tenth page of Google… nobody will click on the second or third page of Google!

You can hide a dead body on page two of Google search results! 😀

Press release websites are extremely well suited for this, as these websites have a very high DA (Domain Authority) and can thus achieve much faster traction in the organic search results. And that even with highly competitive topics like; money topics, new products, medical topics, etc…

Therefore, you should write a good press release that is optimized for SEO and can quickly rank in the top positions in the organic search results!

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Need help writing your press release?

We can help you here! We know exactly what to do to rank a press release quickly via SEO. We can identify the right title for you and also write optimized content for you.

It doesn’t even have to be that expensive!

Here is a brief overview of our pricing structures. Included, of course, is keyword research, topic research (if needed), and SEO-friendly writing.

  • 500 words press release = 99€ (about 105 USD )
  • 1000 words press release = 149€ (about 157 USD)
  • 1500 words press release = 199€ (about 210 USD)

(We have a lot of experience with the topic of press release writing and what you have to do to quickly achieve high rankings on Google and other search engines!)

Of course, you have to publish your press release yourself!

We can highly recommend the platform E-Releases, as this press release platform has a very high domain authority and your articles will rank there quickly!

It’s very easy to publish your press release on E-Releases. All you have to do is create an account, choose the category, and then submit your press release. After the article has been editorially checked, all you have to do is pay the publication fee and your article or press release is online and can start ranking.

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