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A brand consists of many individual parts that, taken together, create a strong, recognizable ensemble that convinces customers and binds them to themselves. Only a brand that is authentic, tangible and distinguishable from others, that conveys a benefit and that touches its target group is desirable. In order to develop such a brand, a process is required that begins with an in-depth analysis and leads to the implementation of the brand. But even after the brand launch, the success of the brand depends on its further development and professional brand management.

Step 1

The Analysis

In order for a brand to be developed successfully, the company must first be brought into focus. If there is already a coherent model, it is checked and the specifics of the company are clarified. A brand can only be successful if it aligns with the company’s values ​​and goals. Therefore, the analysis must clarify which values ​​the brand should convey, which goals and standards should be associated with it.

The question of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP / Unique Selling Points) is also clarified at this point. In the analysis, the company comes into focus with its company history as well as with the visions it has. We take a close look at the competition so that the brand, like the company itself, can hold its own against the competition.

When developing a brand, it is not only the target group that is important, but also all those who contribute to the success of the company and thus the brand. In order for a brand to be managed and maintained over the long term, company employees must be able to identify with it and it must match the company’s clear mission statement.
The more precisely the brand conveys the company’s values ​​and goals, the better the employees can identify with it and position them permanently.

brand strategy

Step 2

The Strategy

When developing the brand strategy, the aim is to formulate the answers to the two questions “Who or what is this brand?” And “Why should the customer buy it?”.

Once it has been precisely determined what the brand stands for and which features characterize it, its goals and guiding principles are defined. We develop concise formulations for the brand vision and for the core values of the brand and define the brand identity.

At this point in the brand development process, we not only work out a strategy concept, but also define the communication topics and goals over the long term. In contrast to the competition, the unique selling proposition is also determined at this point and the customer benefit is formulated.

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Step 3

The Brand Elements

The best strategy leads nowhere if it is not followed by implementation. Therefore, after developing the brand strategy, the brand elements need to be determined.

This includes developing the creative central idea, defining the communication concept and the logo so that the brand promise not only corresponds to the strategy, but also to the appearance of the brand. In addition, the corporate design is developed.

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Step 4

The Implementation

Once the brand and all of its individual elements have been defined and its appearance established, the brand can actually be introduced. This requires a comprehensive concept that includes all media in the branding process. The website is also a part of this, as is any social media platforms used.

We design business stationery and letterheads, design flyers and signage and design all print media that come into consideration and should be used. We are also developing a brand handbook that is not only important for brand development, but also contributes to successful brand management.

However, the path to becoming a successful brand does not end there. Rather, it is a process that needs to be continued. For brand management to be successful, the brand presence must be evaluated regularly, brand communication must be checked and further developed, and budgets also need to be planned and distributed efficiently over the long term.

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