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✔️ Increase your sales with new customers
✔️ Make your brand or company known

Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO

Save Money On Expensive Ads

With the right SEO strategy, you can save money on expensive ads. Ads can become very expensive in the long run, as you have to pay for every single click on your website. With a high organic ranking, you no longer have to pay per click. SEO is long lasting.

Get Listed In Organic Search For Free

Would you like to be found for contested keywords in the organic search on google or bing? Every increase in your ranking in the search engines can increase your sales. Only the first three placements for a specific keyword get the most clicks. We can beat your competition.

SEO Is Measurable

Working with SEO professionals means that all implemented measures and successes are logged, analyzed and evaluated. In this way, measurable key figures can be created very quickly, on the basis of which the SEO successes can be evaluated.

SEO Strengthens Image And Brings New Customers

SEO is particularly interesting because of a very special aspect: It increases visibility, and not just at the moment of the search query. Due to the long-term orientation of SEO, searchers come into contact with the company, the brand and the product name more and more frequently. It is precisely this form of brand awareness that is a decisive success factor.

SEO Is The Future Because Users Search Online

While business directories are gathering dust in the corner, the older generations also use the Internet as a source of information – a rethinking has long since taken place: On average, nine out of ten people use Google. Each of them is looking for a solution to their own personal “problem”. The searcher then finds the ideal solution in a product or service. Anyone who appears directly at the top of the search results with suitable SEO measures is investing in the future.

SEO Is Cost Effective

What many entrepreneurs mention when deciding against SEO is not least the cost factor. It is obvious that search engine optimization is not cheap. But the investments are worthwhile. Thus, a top position can mean considerable growth for a company, because: In the Google search results, the positions on page 1 are clicked – if your own website appears here with the desired added value, you win.

SEO Campaigns Tailored To Your Business

we build online shops with woocommerce

Why SEO?

SEO summarizes all activities that contribute to a website taking a high position in Google search results. This can result from on-page or off-page SEO optimizations. A good SEO strategy will help propel a website to the top of search engine results. In addition, it can also help strengthen a company’s visibility and brand. No wonder that many companies are already successfully using SEO to their advantage.

The fact is: websites without top rankings on Google are rarely clicked or not clicked at all. You lose potential customers who are already actively looking for a product or service.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a sub-area in online marketing with the aim of improving visibility in search engines. The abbreviation SEO comes from the English term Search Engine Optimization and is now the global term for the optimization of websites for search engines. SEO is divided into two sub-disciplines – OnPage and OffPage optimization.

The beginnings of SEO or “How SEO no longer works today”

After search engines became established on the web, the first webmasters began to try to influence the search results. The resulting SEO community quickly realized that the rankings of a website could be manipulated with relatively simple measures. The possibilities were straightforward and thus resulted in a profitable model. Website operators were able to achieve a good ranking in the search results with little effort through practices such as keyword stuffing, link spamming, etc. In the course of time, search engines like Google have recognized that this was not in the interests of the user and began to develop algorithm updates. Over the past few years, these have continued to optimize the quality of search results, and websites and optimization measures of inferior quality have lost their value or, in the worst case, have been punished. Due to the constant development of the ranking factors and thus the improvement of the search results, Google has developed into THE search engine and outdated SEO techniques are either no longer relevant or even have a negative effect.

SEO in the future – where is the journey of search engine optimization going?

A lot has changed over the past decade of SEO. Some disciplines still function “similarly”, other measures have been buried. Overall, one can say that SEO has become more extensive because it is no longer enough to look at the topic from a single point of view. Rather, SEO today is a complex interplay of various factors that have to be optimally coordinated. The Google algorithm is no longer satisfied with fixed ranking factors, but is now developing using A.I. independently and improves the search results on a daily basis. This process, which can be summarized with the term “machine learning”, has the consequence for SEO that everything is less transparent and even a Google employee could no longer say what has changed with a Google update. In addition, technical SEO is becoming more and more important and secondary showings such as usability and user-focused content are in the foreground. In the area of ​​SEO, this leads us more and more to the question: What does the web user actually want?

6 Important Technical Points For Search Engine Optimization

Website SEO optimization is a complex topic. It’s almost a science in itself and often a key factor in internet success. You should therefore deal with SEO optimization early on when relaunching your website. It is a holistic, permanent process and not a one-off project.

But we still come across the persistent belief that you simply have to put keywords in the keywords meta tags on the website and everything is fine. This is wrong.

1. Choose meaningful URLs for SEO optimization
2. Structure the content of your website using semantics
3. Short loading times help optimize your website’s SEO
4. Create meta description and title tags
5. ALT texts for images are an important factor in website SEO optimization
6. Help the search engines with canonical and hreflang tags

Grow Your business with good seo

Why Are We The Right Partner For Your SEO?

We have been optimizing websites for our customers for many years. We are able to analyze and optimize websites.

If you wish, we will optimize your pages so that they can be easily found by google and other search engines.

We also create new content that achieves a high ranking in the search engines. We can specifically optimize already existing content so that it ranks high for the desired keywords.

We also do off-page SEO. Signals from other websites are also very important to optimally position your website.

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Fast roi on your investment

Choose Plan That Suits For Your Business

Here you can see our pricing for search engine optimization. We do SEO for customers all over the world.

Are you looking for price examples for other services? You will find the price tables for our other services here.


With this plan we make your website visible. We make all the basic settings for your website. Search engines such as google or bing can find your website.


One Time Fee


*Price is based on a 5 page website.  Additional pages are €100 each.

Most Popular

We will create a custom SEO strategy based on your €2500/month budget.


/per month


Prepaid Discounts:

3 Months €6,750

(10% discount saves you €1000)

6 Months €13,500
(15% discount saves you €1500)

12 Months €24,000
(20% discount saves you €6000)


We will create a custom SEO strategy based on your €5000+/month budget.


/per month


Prepaid Discounts:

3 Months €13,500

(10% discount saves you €1500)

6 Months €25,500
(15% discount saves you €4500)

12 Months €48,000
(20% discount saves you €12,000)

Would you like to see more prices for different services? No problem, here you will find an overview of our various services.

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