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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


We give you visibility on search engines for more qualified visitors.

In most cases, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for the success of commercial websites. Targeted SEO measures improve your ranking on search engines such as Google or Bing, making you visible to your customers online and in the organic search results. We help you drive more qualified visitors to your website. We do our utmost to achieve this – with passion, know-how and a great deal of experience. We have been supporting customers in the field of search engine optimization since 2005 – making us one of the longest active providers in Malta. We work for clients all over the world and help our global clients sell their products or services.

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Best SEO Agency In Malta


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✔️ Concentrated know-how from over 25 years of market experience
✔️ Multiple award-winning SEO agency with absolute expert status and in-depth specialist knowledge
✔️ Numerous publications in the field of SEO
✔️ Up-to-date and serious advice – without false promises
✔️ Synergetic solutions: We combine SEO and technology


This Is How We Understand SEO

We don’t see SEO as a one-off measure, but as a continuous process. Properly approached, search engine optimization is a mainstay of the online marketing mix and at the same time a powerful channel to increase your own website’s success in the long term.

In order to achieve this, we always work efficiently and budget-oriented: For example, it does not always make sense to want to be in first place for highly competitive, generic terms in the ranking. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis, we jointly develop a strategic orientation and suitable operational measures.

In order to place your website high in the search results, we need the right keywords (long-tail keywords), the right strategy and time. Depending on how authoritative your website or shop is, it can take up to four to six months before you can feel the results you want. Such as, higher visitor numbers, higher sales, increased lead generation, etc…

Search Engine Optimization is like seed planting. In the beginning we plant the right seeds, and over time a large and beautiful plant will grow (traffic and sales).

Success-oriented thought

Our Strategy For Your SEO Success

As a marketing discipline, SEO is extremely exciting: You reach users who are already specifically looking for a product, a service or the solution to a specific problem and therefore have a specific need. Our job as an SEO agency is to position you as a problem solver and make you visible on the web in order to lead qualified visitors to your site.

In doing so, we do not lose sight of your overall success. Today, search engine optimization not only has to meet the requirements of the search engine, but above all those of the user. You will only be successful with your website in the long term if the user also likes the content.

We position your website or your online shop exactly for the search terms that your potential customer enters in the searchbox on the various search engines. In this way, we can position your website or your online shop directly as the optimal problem solver and you will receive as many qualified buyers without additional advertising costs.


Our SEO Audit For Your Company

Get to know the factors that are currently costing your website rankings and visitors. In the SEO audit, we show you the crucial areas to be worked on and give you concrete recommendations for optimization.It’s often the basic things that prevent your website from achieving the SEO success it deserves. In an in-depth SEO audit, we analyze your website according to current and functioning SEO standards – from the technical foundation to the information architecture and user orientation. You will receive a comprehensive document that not only shows you potential for optimization, but also gives concrete suggestions and ways of achieving your SEO goals.


This Is What You Get With An SEO Audit

✔️ Concrete actions that fit your business and your brand

✔️ Fixed contact person answering questions

✔️ Opportunity for training and guides for your in-house team

✔️ Implementation by our editorial team and technology after consultation

✔️ Long-term cooperation optionally possible

For every size of company


Purpose Of Our SEO Audit


“SEO audit” refers to the analysis of a website with the aim of identifying potential for increasing placements in the search engines (usually Google). It is used in the following situations:

➕ For (re)launches to avoid detrimental SEO mistakes.
➕ To evaluate whether SEO is an economically interesting sales channel for a company or brand.
➕ As a starting point for long-term SEO support in order to identify the status quo and to develop a concept of measures based on this.
➕ For external review for in-house teams to get new input.
➕ To determine causes of ranking and traffic declines and to develop measures.



Cost Of An SEO Audit


Both the scope and the depth of the analyzes differ depending on the provider and the order. There are such SEO audits that are based purely on data and have been automatically evaluated by tools. This form of SEO audit is in the two to three-digit cost range and can already provide valuable insights.

However, in order to operate professional SEO on a strategic level and in line with the marketing mix, a human perspective is necessary. Because in addition to the pure analysis of numbers and tool data, we consider your target group, your company goals and the structure of your website. This takes time and an overall view. On the other hand, the proposed measures are much more durable, more successful and have positive side effects for your other business goals. In addition, if you wish, your contact person will also be available to advise you after the analysis in order to accompany the implementation process and the next SEO steps.

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website seo audit



Factors Studied


The SEO audit is the starting point for strategic search engine optimization. Among other things, the following are examined:

➕ Crawlability & crawler control
➕ Indexability & Indexing
➕ PageSpeed potential
➕ Information architecture for SEO
➕ Internal Linking Factors
➕ HTML & Semantics
➕ Content & user centricity

Based on the audit, a specific action plan can be drawn up. This can be implemented together with us or other parties involved.



Types And Orientations


If your website already has a solid SEO framework, we are happy to focus our analysis on specific SEO fields. This can include, for example, an analysis of local factors (“Local SEO”), briefings specifically on a technical level (“Technical SEO”) or tips for optimizing the Google Mobile Index (“Mobile SEO”). In addition, keyword analyzes or backlink audits are usually useful, as they help us to understand your website as fully as possible and to work out the best possible strategies. In addition to supplementary measures, concepts for internal linking and content strategy can also help to further promote the success of the website. You don’t have to decide in advance – in the initial consultation we will be happy to clarify with you which measures can bring the best return on investment specifically for your project.

Process Of The SEO Website Audit


The audit proceeds as follows.

Initial Consultation

Together we define the focus of the analysis and the scope, as well as the form of the presentation of the results.

This usually happens within a free phone call. Based on this, we will make you an offer.

Data Evaluation And Target Definition

Before the analyzes we will clarify expectations with you so that the end result fits your goals.

To do this, we check the current status of your SEO traffic and evaluate initial Google search data in order to understand your company and the website as well as possible. Sometimes there are still questions about your project at this point, which we ask in this phase. In this way, we ensure that the recommended measures are later those that will benefit you.

Analysis Of Your Website

In this step, we evaluate the website for the previously defined aspects.

This always includes naming measures in addition to the findings. We prioritize these according to their effect on search engine optimization so that you can later better evaluate measures.

As a rule, you will receive the finished analysis in PDF format, so that you can pass on all the findings to the people or agencies involved.

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