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Nothing beats the excitement of being a successful affiliate marketer. However, it is not an easy journey; many people start and end up giving up along the way. But if you persevere and learn from your mistakes, you will enjoy the fruits of affiliate marketing.

The reward is great if you adhere to the rules and policies of various platforms. Although it may take a while, you will eventually succeed. Different platforms have different rules when it comes to affiliate marketing. They are never the same; some, like Reddit, are strict and ruthless when banning individuals who do not follow their guidelines.

However, Reddit is the best platform since millions of people use it. So if you succeed as an affiliate marketer on this platform, you will make a good income to a point you will not need to work.

This article will talk about how to do affiliate marketing on Reddit without getting banned and strategies you can use. Keep reading the article to get well-detailed information. Let’s dive in!

How does Reddit work?

It is involved in news aggregation, discussion websites, and web content ratings. It has a large following of twenty-six million users monthly in the United States alone. The website has many forums covering different topics. These forums are made of communities called subreddits.

You can use the search bar to find various communities and know the upcoming ones. You can also follow subreddits you like. These subreddits will appear on your homepage. Each subreddit is about a specific topic, where members share information and ask questions.

reddit dashboard

Moreover, you can downvote and upvote content, comment on people’s posts, reply to people and share content. Whatever you post will receive karma points from members. Karma points is a rating system that shows the number of comments and upvotes your profile receives.

Karma relies more on comment karma than content karma. Ensure your comments are great to get good feedback. To earn from your content karma, ensure you post interesting news threads.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Reddit without Getting Banned?

The following is a step-by-step guide on affiliate marketing on Reddit without getting banned. It includes the following steps:

Step1: Create an account

You will sign up to create an account. It will take only a few minutes. After that, you will fill out your profile so that other users can know you.

Step 2: Go to the search bar and search your niche

When you search for your niche, it gives you a better understanding of it. You also get to ask questions in the forum and know more about your niche.

Step 3: Join the subreddit

After that, you can join a subreddit that contains members who like the topic being held in the forum. You will be able to post videos, questions, and stories relating to the topic in the forum. Each subreddit is about a specific topic. You cannot post questions or blogs that do not relate to the forum.

Joining subreddits is the best way to promote affiliate products. In this case, you will be focusing on joining a community that needs your products. After joining the communities, do not immediately share your links.

reddit search

First, share helpful posts with no links as you build your brand in the forum. By doing this, you will bring value to the community. Then after a while, you can start sharing your product links with text or images.

In some forums and communities, you cannot post referral links. Your post will be flagged because subreddits and communities are not made for the promotional sharing of links. These communities are created to bring helpful information to their members and add value to their lives.

It would be best if you shared product review links of your products. This way, you will get traffic on your products and generate sales.

Step 4: Read the rules of the subreddit

Please do not skip this part; it is vital. If you skip it, you will get banned for not adhering to community rules. Each subreddit has its own rules; therefore, if you join, make sure you read the rules for each subreddit.

Step 5: Start to contribute

Go through the different posts and make comments about the questions posted. Then slowly pitch your product and comment on how it has helped you. By doing this, you will be adding value to the discussion.

Remember, it is about bringing value to discussions. If you comment with only one word like “yes, click the following to download,” automatically, you will be banned. In this forum, you are supposed to provide value, answer people’s questions, contribute to the community and engage.

Step 6: Stay very active

As soon as you comment, go to another community and also make a comment and place a few links. Doing this shows that you are not in the forum to spam but participate and add value. You can DM the prospects.

Moreover, you can share affiliate links now and then. Go to the submission link button and paste your link. Make sure when you select a subreddit that matches the product. Moreover, do not submit many links in a single day. Be natural and do not become a spammer.

Step 7: Build Authority

Take time to observe and see how people answer questions, comment, and add value to the community. By doing so, you will build a rapport and start experiencing the attraction.

When posting links, you will know when to post links and when to avoid posting links. One link is enough to generate traffic and enable you to be a top contributor to your community.

Redditors hate marketing. The best way to get involved is to contribute to the forums and adhere to their guidelines. Then later, you promote your links in a creative way that adds value to the forum.

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How to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Links on Reddit?

Reddit does not accept the direct promotion of links. Promoting direct links will result in your account being banned. However, this does not mean you can do affiliate marketing. It means you need creative ways to direct traffic to your products or what you are marketing.

You can promote your links organically or through paid advertisement.



If you go the organic way, it will take some time; your account needs to grow and you have to be a member of different forums. Plus, you will be building your account through karma points. You should have at least six hundred comment karma points to promote your links organically.

Ensure you gain karma points and keep placing the links to bring value to your forums. Make sure you link not only your websites but also other valid sources. Ways of promoting your link include:

  1. Create links and create a subreddit for your niche. Look for followers, answer questions and create content. Links related to Reddit usually come first on Google.
  2. Create valuable content in a blog post for your website, link it to Reddit as a helpful resource, and link it to your affiliate programs.
  3. Be honest and explain how the promoting product will help the reader. For example, you can testify how good the product is if you have been using it.
  4. You can promote your products on subreddits created for promotions.
  5. You can focus your promotion on small subreddits instead of concentrating on bigger subreddits.

Paid advertisement

You can advertise on Reddit just like any other social media platform like Twitter or Facebook. Reddit allows ads to target your desired audience by choosing the most suitable subreddits.

If you have any promotions or discounts from marketing affiliates, they will capture your audience’s attention. After catching your audience’s attention, you can present them with your website. The good thing about paid advertising is that it takes less time than organic promotion.

Paid advertisement reddit

Would you like to place a paid advertisement on Reddit? Then it is very important that you find the right words that appeal to your target group! You will only reach your potential customers with the right copy!

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What are the Best Strategies for Reddit to Promote Affiliate Products?

There are strategies you use to promote affiliate products on Reddit. The strategies include:

  1. Request permission from admins

To advertise on Reddit, you need to request the admins of the various communities you are in for permission to promote your products. To win the admin over, pitch your product in a valuable way and beneficial way. For example, highlight a problem and how your product will solve the problem.

  1. Request your friends to upvote the various posts you have

Request your friends to vote for your posts. You can use this strategy in all your posts. However, please do not overdo it; admins might get suspicious. Remember to request them to comment and share with their friends, to generate all types of activities for your different posts.

  1. Run a giveaway

For people to be interested in your brand, you should run a giveaway. It is a kind gesture and people will have an opportunity to interact with your product. Moreover, you will be bringing value to the forum, so admins will not punish you on Reddit for promoting your product.

You can hold a contest and award the winners. Or provide a survey for people to complete in exchange for an award or a gift. You can also have particular threads for giveaways like award travel or dinner.

  1. Create support for your product using the subreddit

You can create a different subreddit for your brand. For example, “r/ My products .”Here participants will share their experience with your products, ask questions, and how you can improve your products.

At first, it may be hard to get people to your subreddit, but slowly your forum will have members. This strategy is an additional way of promoting your products.

  1. Use dedicated subreddits

Look for subreddits that are most used by your target audience. Sometimes getting attention from large sections of the community might be difficult. Especially for beginners, you can start with subsections.

For example, you can promote your product on a marketing subreddit where you will find links such as digital marketing and content marketing. Move forward and explore their subsections for the promotion of your products.

You can also use Shameless Plugs or Reddit Promote to promote your products on Reddit. However, you need to be patient so that your product gets the right amount of attention to generate traffic.

  1. Reply to comments

Reply to comments concerning your products; this is an excellent way to engage with people and create more traffic to your product. Remember, by engaging with them; you will be earning karma points. You will also be building trust and in no time, you will not struggle to promote your affiliate programs.

promote on reddit

Why Does Reddit Have a Big Audience?

It has a big audience because it caters to all people and provides a wide range of topics. Also, the content in each topic is high quality and updated. You can be sure you will get any content your heart desires. Reddit has proven that “content is king.”

How Can You Make Money With Reddit?

Reddit does not pay you directly but offers you opportunities to make money through various subreddits. You can complete multiple tasks and get paid. Furthermore, you can make money by generating traffic for your businesses that offer different products and services. So that people can buy your products or when they need any of the services you charge them.

What You Can Do and What You Should Not Do on Reddit?

You can contribute your content to Reddit. The content can be in the form of text, links, video, and images. Furthermore, Each content is voted down or up by other members. You should ensure you adhere to the rules of Reddit and community guidelines.

The things you should not do include:

  1. You should not repeat posting off-topic content or unrelated content.
  2. You should not send any private messages to users without their knowledge.
  3. You should not keep posting similar comments in subreddits or a thread.
  4. You should not program bots that will break or harm Reddit, including those intended for content, services, or product promotion.
  5. Linking to harmful content such as phishing, malware, or deceptive pop-ups.
  6. Posting content with a link that redirects you so that it circumvents a domain block (excluding subreddit sidebars).
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Is Affiliate Marketing Possible on Reddit?

Yes, it is possible. Do not let the policies and the spam rules turn you away. Instead of manipulating the platform with clicks, engage more with the platform and learn time-tested affiliate approaches.

Build an audience, sell to them and continue cultivating some more. With this type of approach, affiliate marketing will work for you. If you want to succeed on Reddit, your strategy should be long-term and holistic. With this approach, you will generate income for many years.

Do You Need Websites Where You Can Place the Affiliate Links and First Direct Them to Your Website?

No, you do not need a website. You only need audience or traffic to your affiliate link. You need to ensure to paste the link on the various posts on your account.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, affiliate marketing on Reddit is possible. You only need to ensure you adhere to the various rules and policies. Additionally, you have to provide helpful content to the forums and build trust. If you do not do this, the chances of being banned from the site are very high.

Feel free to use this article as a guide to do affiliate marketing on Reddit. You can also share it with friends, family, relatives, and colleagues. Thanks for reading through the article.

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