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Have you found a free domain name that you like? Or do you just want to know how much your existing domain name is worth if you were to sell it?

This article is about exactly this topic. Here I would like to show you my seven favorite websites that can show you the approximate value of your domain. I’ll also give you a little bonus, I’ll show you how to find out the real value of your domain name. This is how you see what real people are willing to pay for your domain name.

Of course, it’s different if you already have a website with content associated with your domain name. If the website then still receives traffic, the domain or website is of course worth more.

It also always depends on the niche in which the domain name or website is moving. If your domain has something to do with finance or making money, this domain name is of course worth more than a domain name associated with gardening, for example.

On what basis do the various appraisal tools evaluate the value of the domain name?

For this purpose, some factors are taken into account from which the approximate value of the domain is calculated. However, these factors may vary by appraisal tools. So you shouldn’t just check one tool, it’s best to use three or four and then calculate the average. Then you have a good clue about the value of your domain name.

Here are the exact factors that the various domain appraisal tools use:

  • Length of domain; the shorter the domain name is, the better and more valuable it is
  • Domain name extension; it always depends on the domain extension, so dot com domains are more valuable than dot net domains
  • With which niche can the domain name be associated
  • Can the domain name be used for a business?
  • Which keywords are present in the domain; For example, if you have the keyword “gold” in the domain name, it is more valuable than the keyword “stuffed animal”
  • At what prices have similar-sounding domain names been sold lately

There are many people who regularly use these domain tools to make their own business of buying and selling various domain names. This business model is called “Domain Flipping”. This business model can even be very lucrative if you are creative and find the best domain names that are still free, register them and then offer them on various marketplaces such as Flippa or eBay.

But you should always keep in mind that it can take a long time before you can sell domain names again. It doesn’t mean that if you find a domain name great and valuable, that other person will also find the domain name great and then pay a lot of money for it.

If you want to get into the domain flipping business, try two or three domain names that have a high rating and see if you can sell those domain names.

Let’s take a quick look at our domain name:

For example, here you can see an example rating based on our domain name. So the domain name, datacrypt.io, would be worth just over $2000 based on the evaluation of the GoDaddy domain appraisal tool. However, since a website with content and backlinks is connected to this domain name, this domain name is in reality worth many times more.

domain appraisal for datacrypt io

However, later in this article, you will see that the estimated domain prices for this domain vary greatly. It is therefore important to visit different websites and determine an average value.

Here are the best domain appraisal tools you can use

There are many different domain appraisal tools on the internet. Each tool has its own assessment methods. Therefore, you should not always rely on just one tool.

For example, you can have several tools to evaluate your domain name and then calculate an average price.

Godaddy Domain Appraisal Tool

What is our domain worth in GoDaddy’s eyes?

domain appraisal in godaddy for datacrypt.io

GoDaddy estimates the value of our domain at 2008 dollars.

GoDaddy’s domain appraisal tool is probably the best-known tool and the most used tool to check the approximate value of a given domain name. But GoDaddy is also the tool that usually gives the highest prices for a domain.

GoDaddy’s tool is absolutely free and you can check as many domain names as you want. You also have the option of registering the checked domain directly with GoDaddy.

  • Uses an exclusive algorithm that combines machine learning and real market sales data.
  • Data compiled over 20+ years.
  • The valuation model uses word tokenization combined with tons of data.
  • Gives you a range of values and a printable appraisal certificate.
  • Does not appraise the developed website connected to the domain.
  • Possible to appraise entire domain portfolios.
  • You’ll also get back samples of comparable domains with their values.
  • World’s largest domain registrar managing more than 84 mil domains.

>> Here You Can Visit The Website <<

Domain Price Check

domain price check appraisal tool

Let’s see what our domain name is within Domain Price Check eyes.

estimated domain value with domain price check

The Domain Price Check tools estimate our domain name at only $121.

Domain Price Check’s domain appraisal tool is free. However, the free version without registration only shows you the estimated price for the domain, nothing more.

You can do up to 15 searches with the free version. If you register, you also have the option of taking out a premium subscription, which costs $79 per month. With a subscription, however, you will be shown a lot more data and a detailed view of certain factors of the respective domain.

The business subscription is definitely worth it if you want to buy and sell professional domains.

  • Neutral source of price information.
  • Relies on a database of 26,000,000 domain sales.
  • AI algorithm is based on a neural network that is constantly trained.
  • Can be easily integrated into any project using the REST API.
  • Detailed domain report.
  • Provides insight into search volume and web statistics.
  • Helps to compare domains.
  • TLD facts and keyword facts.

>> Here You Can Visit The Website <<


boredhumans domain appraisal

Drum roll please, here is the estimated value for our domain from BoredHumans.

domain value boredhumans

Now we’re talking… $84,980 is the value that BoredHumans.com gives us 😀

BoredHumans.com is another completely free domain appraisal tool. But you should be careful here, as we have found that the prices quoted can be extremely high.

As soon as the domain has a few thousand backlinks and gets a lot of traffic, the price for the domain to be evaluated increases extremely.

On the BoredHumans website, you will also find other exciting tools that you should take a look at. A visit to the website is definitely worth it.

>> Here You Can Visit The Website <<


website outlook homepage

Let’s take a look at our domain value in WebsiteOutlook.

website outlook domain value of datacrypt

WebsiteOutlook values our domain name at $569, but you can see that this tool shows zero backlinks and way less traffic.

WebsiteOutlook is another free domain appraisal tool that you can use to find out the estimated price of your domain name.

According to the homepage, more than 20 different factors are included in the estimation. Unfortunately, we had to find out that the backlinks and traffic on our website were determined and assessed incorrectly.

  • 20+ metrics to measure and track website success.
  • Details of website creation, updates, and expiry.
  • Shows the number of visitors coming from organic traffic and from paid searches.
  • Furnishes Alexa rank and SEMrush rank.
  • You can view domain authority and page views.
  • Backlink metrics can be known.
  • Keyword metrics like a number of keywords in Google SERP.
  • Page authority and domain authority stats are provided.

>> Here You Can Visit The Website <<


siteprice domain appraisal tool

Let’s take a look at our site valuation.

siteprice domain valuation for datacrypt

According to Siteprice.org, our domain is worth $130.

Siteprice.org is another free-to-use tool to value your domain name. On the Siteprice website, you have the option of creating a free account and then selling your domain or website. You can also buy domains or websites on this platform.

Sometimes you can find hidden gems there because the site is not that well known and doesn’t have that many members. So it’s also worth taking a look at the marketplace.

  • Uses its own unique algorithm to calculate domain value.
  • Gives weightage to estimated daily unique views.
  • Gathers daily page views, backlink count, and social media visibility data.
  • Takes into account website speed and advertisement revenues.
  • Determines search engine index status.
  • Domain age and keywords in Google organic search.
  • Alexa rank and average time spent on site are considered.
  • Offers multiple tools to check other factors like similar sites.

>> Here You Can Visit The Website <<


estibot homepage

What price gives us estibot for our domain name?

estibot domain appraisal
EstiBot only values the domain name under $100.

EstiBot is one of the oldest domain appraisal tools on the internet. However, with the estibot domain tool, you can only do two free searches per day, then you have to choose the subscription plan for $29 per month.

However, EstiBot is used by many professional domain pinball machines because the prices of the domains are rather conservative.

  • Appraising more than 2 mil domains every day.
  • Instantly assesses domains, at it one or one hundred thousand domains.
  • Accepts inputs in any format – from CSV to text to HTML
  • API allows the integration of EstiBot data into tools you use.
  • Plans allow access to all power tools and premium appraisal tools.
  • Appraised drop lists.
  • Provide appraisal certificates.
  • Appraisals are trusted by banks, the IRS, accountants, and domain investors.

>> Here You Can Visit The Website <<

As you can see, the prices vary greatly from tool to tool. If you want to determine a good average value, you should check the prices at three to four platforms and then calculate an average price yourself.

Of course, the question is still open as to whether you really get the money for the domain. Of course, that always depends on the demand and whether you can offer the right domain name in the right place at the right time.

Now I would like to show you two more creative ways to determine a realistic price for your domain name.

Creative tips to determine the domain value

These two tips only work if you already own the domain names. The point here is to offer the domain names to real people for sale and see what price you would get for a domain name on the open market.

GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy Auctions is arguably the largest marketplace for domain names. At GoDaddy Auctions, you can register and offer your domain for sale.

You have the option of starting an auction or selling your domain name at a price you set.

To test the market price for your domain name, you can offer your domain name in an auction here and set a very high reserve price.

Then you can see how high the bids go for your domain name. If your minimum price is not reached, you can at least see how many real people are willing to pay for your domain name.

Flippa Domain Auctions

Flippa.com is a big marketplace for domain names, apps, blogs, entire businesses, etc… At Flippa you can list your domain names and get the price real people are willing to pay.

Unfortunately, offering a domain at Flippa is not free.

You get high visibility because many people know this platform and also regularly search for new good domain names.

If you want to sell your domain name including content, Flippa is also the right place for that. Hundreds of websites and domain names are bought and sold at Flippa every day.

With these two options, you can try to list your domain names on the various auction platforms and then see how high the price for the domain name increases.

With this, you can see what price real people want to offer for a domain name.

You can now sell the domain name to the highest bidder, or you can set the reserve price very high if you just want to see how many people would bid for your domain name.

Due to the high minimum sales price that you can specify on the auction platforms, you can ensure that your domain name is not sold below value.


Trading in domain names can be very exciting. However, trading in domain names also offers many risks, as you can never be sure how much money you can sell a domain for.

It can also take a long time until you have found the right buyer. Maybe you have the perfect domain name but just can’t find the right buyer right now. So it can be that you are stuck with the domain name for a long time and have to pay the annual registration costs for the domain.

Another case is when you have connected your domain to a website that already has content, already has backlinks, and may even still be getting traffic.

As a result, the value of a domain name is of course also significantly increased.

You can then sell the domain name including the finished website and thus achieve a higher profit.