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Have content written instead of sitting at the keyboard yourself? This method is proving to be an advantage in website maintenance for more and more companies. Working with a copywriting platform that produces bespoke content for the website on a regular basis or content-on-demand offers many benefits. Here are 10 good reasons why more and more website operators are having their content written by professional platforms:

  1. You don’t have time for this

A major reason why website operators hire copywriters and have content written is to save time. Entrepreneurs, but also those responsible for marketing in larger companies, have to carry out a wide range of tasks in daily business. Creating an interesting glossary here, writing current blog articles, paying attention to unique content, and then adding the whole thing to the website in an elegant way is often too much to ask.

The simpler approach is then to only specify topics, keywords, or a framework for the content authors. And to have content created afterward. This creates a lot of free time for other tasks such as campaign optimization, content analysis, or social media marketing.

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  1. You have time, but it’s precious – copywriters are faster

Another frequently cited reason why entrepreneurs have content written is the insight that professional copywriters are simply faster and better at writing good texts. Employees and entrepreneurs are often too involved in their specialist areas to perceive an outside perspective. And to recognize how the target group would like to read texts. An experienced SEO author is able to think his way into the topic world. Researching and writing on almost any topic.

It is often precisely the impartiality and impartiality with regard to specialist topics that contribute to the production of high-quality content. Oddly enough, due to their experience and specialization, the text agency often manages this even faster than internal employees or managing directors, who can usually only take care of content management on the side. A comparison of costs quickly shows that it is significantly cheaper to have texts written. Prices are charged per word and are therefore very manageable.

  1. You have time, but still don’t write consistently and regularly

Anyone who wants to have content written has often already recognized that it is not enough to have time. It’s all about taking the time to write. In SEO it is very important to regularly publish new content on your own site. Google prefers such pages namely.

Many website owners plan to keep writing new articles for the blog in order to generate new inquiries. But the practice usually looks different. Other appointments or projects quickly intervene. And the creation of a blog article is postponed from week to week until the topic is perhaps no longer up to date. Companies that have their blog articles written can quickly double their output and thus quickly achieve higher visibility on Google.

  1. You can’t find the right words – it’s easier to have content written

You either have lyrics in your blood or you don’t. If you have the talent for this, you can quickly find your way around any topic and write appropriate content thanks to a broad knowledge of a wide range of topics. Experts often have extensive and detailed specialist knowledge. But when it comes to putting this into text form, words are often lacking. Writing isn’t for everyone, but fortunately, there are text agencies where subject matter experts can have advertising copy written, but they can also commission regularly produced SEO content. Ultimately, SEO marketing is not just about conveying content in an understandable way. But also to use the right words. Keywords are an important factor in search engine marketing. Anyone who wants to have SEO texts written should also be aware of this topic.

  1. Keywords? What is that?

keywords? These are the search terms we all type into Google and other search engines to find the information and deals we are looking for. The intelligent algorithm uses these terms to recognize what we are looking for. And he links this information with the appropriate content from the Internet. These are presented in the form of search results in the search engine. The better the content of a company website matches a search input, the higher this result is ranked in the search overview. And with that, it stands out more and gets more clicks.

Companies that have content written not only outsource the writing of SEO texts to the text agency but also, among other things, the keyword research carried out beforehand. For example, we also carry out a search term analysis and research for our clients. This is to define how an SEO text should be structured so that it has a good chance of ending up high in the Google ranking. Working with the Google Keyword Planner is just as much a part of this as the volume analysis, determining frequent user questions, and an analysis of the competition.

  1. You don’t want to search for your login details every time

Are you also tired of looking for the login data for your website again and again in order to enter and publish a new blog post there? Do you sometimes not find your way around the CMS program, which always takes a lot of time?

Many people feel this way if they only deal with website maintenance from time to time. Having professional texts written does not just mean receiving finished content and then being able to use it. The text service can go far beyond that and include many parts of content management. On request, our clients can have us do the writing. But then you can also enter this content into your website and have it published.

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  1. There is no topic plan and no ideas for the blog

Before texts can be created for the blog, topics are of course needed. On the one hand, this should be content that the target group is interested in. On the other hand, the blog topics should also offer the opportunity to design texts that make the website findable for certain words. It is also worth blogging about current developments. The search algorithm then notices that the blog is always kept very up to date and offers users good texts and information.

If a company is the first to bring up a new topic and this is then also taken up by other blogs, this is actually very positive for the ranking. Because search engines recognize these trendsetters and classify them as very relevant. It is therefore important to follow a topic plan in order to write at regular intervals about the topics that content marketing should cover. At the same time, the content strategy should allow flexibility and be able to react to trending topics. A good copywriting agency is able to design a suitable annual theme plan that takes keyword targets into account, but also draws attention to current developments and proactively provides ideas for copywriting.

  1. You are having trouble with the formatting

CMS systems are becoming easier and easier to use. This makes it easier and easier to enter, design, and format new blog posts. Nevertheless, many bloggers still see blogging as a challenge. They often do not have the necessary know-how, since maintaining the blog is not one of their core tasks. However, formatting correctly for Google can have important positioning implications. If a post is provided with the right meta tags, with H1 and H2 headings, and also appears clearly for the target group, these are usually big plus points. Brands that have their content written therefore often outsource the formatting and publication to the content agency.

  1. You can’t follow every SEO trend

The ranking criteria that are decisive for why a text on a website achieves good Google positions and other texts do not are diverse. In addition, these framework conditions change again and again. The search engine reacts to user behavior but also places more weight on certain factors from time to time. And thus changes the SEO landscape and the rules by which it works. As an entrepreneur or employee in a company, you sometimes do not always have the time and focus to keep track of all SEO trends and incorporate them into the creation of content. The text agency is much closer to the pulse of time since it deals with the topic on a daily basis. She is able to provide her expertise in writing texts and thus exploit her full potential.

  1. Having content written brings you customers and sales

One of the main reasons why companies have SEO texts written and fall back on the wealth of experience of many years of text teams is simply the knowledge that content marketing works.

Thanks to text content on your website, your products and services will also be found in the search results. Where the majority of people are looking for offers today!

Our own experience also shows that good texts often generate new inquiries and sales over the years. Such content is best left untouched as long as it works well and ranks high in the search rankings. Because it constantly generates clicks on the offers on the target page – around the clock – whenever users who are already interested in the products are looking for them, this protects the advertising budget in the long term.

In order for a website to be more visible, it is important that the entire content preparation of the site is correct. It is important to enter the static texts well, but also to work with blog posts and publish them there regularly.


Having content and texts written by professional content creators and authors makes a lot of sense. If you have other things to do or don’t particularly like writing long texts on the laptop and optimizing them for specific keywords or topics, you should contact a professional content writing platform.

These platforms offer you many professional authors who write about the topic you need. It’s also relatively cheap to have content created. For example, you can get the high-quality text for your website or blog for as little as $20-40 for a 2000-word article.

The only thing you then have to do is either put the fresh content on your website yourself or look for someone from your team to place the content on your website.

After some time you will see that Google and the other various search engines will index your new content and show it in the organic search results. Of course, this brings you many new visitors and potential new customers!

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